Cannabis: Cancer Cure or Gateway Drug?


A few years ago, a ton of articles popped up about cannabis possibly being a cure for cancer. Expectedly, this caused a ton of debate. Some people used this claim as supporting evidence that cannabis is a natural substance that is actually beneficial to the human body, while others claimed that cannabis is the introduction to a long journey of using drugs. So, what’s my opinion?

While I wish cannabis could cure cancer, there hasn’t been enough scientific evidence that proves it can actually cure cancer. This doesn’t mean that cannabis is harmful for cancer patients, let alone everyone else. In fact, research has proven that cannabis tends to lessen negative side effects of cancer, such as chronic pain. There have even been small clinical trials that show THC can kill lab dishes full of certain cancer cells. But like I said, cannabis hasn’t exactly proven to cure cancer in humans yet.

So, does that mean I think cannabis is a gateway drug? Absolutely not. The belief that cannabis is a gateway drug mostly comes from a series of research studies from the late 1990s. In those studies, researchers found a correlation between people who used cannabis and other drugs. But like any psychology book will tell you, correlation does not equal causation. In other words, some people might have used cannabis, then other drugs. But, that does not mean that you will eventually use other drugs if you use cannabis.

In fact, cannabis has been proven to be the mildest, most organic drugs available that often causes more positive than negative side effects. So, why does the government and some media outlets like to market cannabis as a gateway drug? It’s simple: it’s a scare tactic. Remember when the government declared an official war on drugs a few years ago? Well, many officials used cannabis as the face of that war. In other words, they marketed cannabis as being the leading cause for the country’s increasing drug problem. Suddenly, people were shown depictions of cannabis causing insanely obscure side effects, as well as being a dangerous thing to purchase and use. People don’t purchase cannabis from a gang leader in a warehouse. Majority of the time, people purchase cannabis from someone who’s an everyday person like you and me. As for using cannabis, usually it’s either someone by themselves or a group of friends sitting and smoking or eating an edible. No one’s sitting in a rundown building or alley injecting anything. But, officials in power want you to believe otherwise.

Overall, I think cannabis has the potential to cure cancer and other diseases, as well as eventually be recognized as the organic substance that it is. I also think we are heading down the right path, as many states have made cannabis legal. Regardless of legality and research, whether or not cannabis is a gateway drug will always be a debate. So, where do you stand?

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